Weekly Gratitude List


It's Monday which means it's time for another weekly gratitude list (yes, I realise my last WGL post was three weeks ago).

There are a couple of reasons I haven't made a WGL post in a while. Firstly, I haven’t been in a great space mentally lately, and secondly, I sometimes feel my life isn't interesting enough. I’ve realised that it doesn't have to be - I'm sharing the things I'm grateful for, and life doesn't have to be exciting for me to share those things.


Now that I've got that out of the way, here are some of the things I'm currently grateful for:

  • Awesome secondhand store finds - I recently bought a ceramic origami crane at a secondhand store; I love it, it sits on the ‘self care section’ of my book shelf alongside my tarot cards, the books I love, and some crystals.

  • Finding a café that has a decent selection of gluten-free food - some friends were in town a couple of weeks ago, so we caught up for brunch. I wanted to find a place that was close to them and stumbled across the King's Plant Barn café in Henderson. The café had some gluten-food in the cabinet, and holy shit balls, it was amazing ( despite not being close to us, we've been back since, because OMG).

  • Celebrating five years of marriage - it was me and my husband's fifth anniversary last week, and while we didn't do anything exciting (we made a nice dinner and chilled out at home) I am so happy and blessed to be married to someone who is weird as I am, and just gets me.

  • Road trips - I love road trips and over the weekend we drove to see some friends who live about three hours away, and next weekend we will be visiting my sister and her boyfriend.

  • FINALLY meeting internet friends - while we were staying with friends, we checked out the local market and I finally met Pepper Raccoon; I also bought a pin (I bought the swearing is caring, because I swear like a a fucking trooper IRL).

  • The possibility of moving again - Earlier this year, I did some deep diving and soul searching and realised that even though I’m a born and bred city girl, I much prefer rural life. After talking to the friends we stayed with over the weekend, we may be moving to their semi rural town, and I’m so excited (it gets to mean I’ll be able to hang out with them more, make new friends and hopefully I’ll be able to live more sustainable than I currently am).