Reusable Pads - Luna Pads Review

Luna Pads

In one of my Weekly Gratitude List’s I mentioned I had finally gotten around to buying some reusable cloth pads from Luna Pads.

I have used the pads for a couple of cycles and wanted to talk to you about what I like and dislike about them (don't worry, I took the photos for this post before I used them).

Before I get started, I wanted to mention that my review is based solely on my personal experience. I bought the Deluxe Kit in organic cotton, and haven't tried their pads in regular cotton, nor have I tried their Performa pads. Also, I feel I should mention the only reason I bought the deluxe kit in organic cotton was so I could get the Dapper Cats print; yes, I'm a grown-ass woman, but this print was just too cute).

reusable pads

The Deluxe Kit came with four classic pads (two short and two medium); each pad came with two removable inserts.

Here's what I liked:

  • How comfortable these pads are - honestly, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a pad most of the time. As I mentioned, I bought the pads in organic cotton; I'm not sure how comfortable the regular cotton pads are.

  • Having a sustainable alternative to disposable pads - I love that I can wash and reuse these pads; they're not ending up in landfill, which is awesome.

  • They're pretty absorbent - Because you use an insert with the pad,I have found them to be leak proof and absorbent. My periods are fairly light now as I am on the Mirena, but as someone who has suffered from heavy periods, this has been great.

  • Carrying them around in around in public isn’t nearly as much of a hassle as i thought it would be - I carry a wet bag around with me; so I need to change my pad while I’m out, I throw my used pad in the wet bag and was them when I get home.

  • They’re easy to clean - to clean them, I rinse them in cold water with a bit of soap to get the stains out, then put them in the wash with the towels; easy.

Here's What I didn't like:

  • I needed to buy new undies - you need underwear with a wide crotch to make sure they're properly secured; I found this one out the hard way. Due to the placement of clips on the wings I bought some boyshorts - I found they had a tendency to twist themselves outside of my underwear if worn with bikini briefs. Luna Pads also suggest wearing snug fitting cotton underwear to help combat the slipping and sliding of cloth pads.

  • They bunch up - the bunching up isn't really uncomfortable, as I don't notice it's happened most of the time, but it does mean changing the pad, the insert and possibly your undies.

Returns Policy:

Luna Pads can conditionally be returned 60 days after the purchase date. They can’t guarantee a full refund on multiple pads that have been washed or used, so suggest washing and using one pad and one liner to see if they work for you before washing the rest of the pads in your order.

Final Thoughts:

I really love my Luna Pads; for me the the pros massively outweigh the cons and will definitely buy more in the future. I am happy that I am able to reduce my impact on the environment, and feel blessed and fortunate that I am able to buy reusable pads, as I know not everyone is able to.