November Astral Box - Balance

astral box

In this week's weekly gratitude list, I mentioned I had restarted my Astal Box subscription. The theme for November's box was balance, and today I wanted to share what was in that box with you.

Astral Box

Crystal Drink Bottle

I first heard about crystal-infused water earlier this year, and ever since then I've been intrigued, so I was excited to receive a crystal infusing water bottle in this month's box.

Drinking water that has been infused with crystals is said to promote physical and spiritual health. It is also a good way of directly getting your daily dose of positive vibes.

what I love about this bottle is that the water and the crystals are separated by a glass divider; this is done to prevent toxins leeching from certain crystals leeching into the water (these toxins include copper, asbestos, and lead, and some are radioactive); it also makes it way easier to change crystals out.


We received two sets of crystals in this mont's box; those were rose quartz (which is probably one of my favorite crystals and white agate).

Rose Quartz - This stone emits strong vibrations of love; It is used in spells to attract a new relationship, self-love rituals, and as a healing stone. By tapping into the energy of the divine feminine, Rose Quartz will restore faith, compassion, harmony, and balance in all matters of the heart.

White Agate - Agate is commonly used to protect against bad dreams; this stone may also be used to reduce stress, letting go of anger and increasing stability, and can be very helping in helping within important decision making and self-examination.

astral collective

A 2019 Luna Calendar from Dreamy Moons

lI had been looking for a lunar calendar I liked the look of for ages, so when I saw this in the box reveal, I was super excited. I love the aesthetic of this calendar and the fact it's based on the moon cycles for the southern hemisphere her (I live in New Zealand).

Astral Collective

Crystal Gird Oracle Cards from Love and Light School

I didn't have any oracle cards (I have a couple of tarot decks), so was looking forward to receiving it.

Love and Light Schol say thi deck can reveal hidden messages, provide helpful insight, and suggested steps for moving forward, giving you both clarity and confidence.

I have used this deck a few times, and have found it incredibly insightful, and plan on pulling a card at the beginning of each week, to see what word I should be focusing/meditating on.

I love everything in this box, and I am excited to receive the December box. The first sneak peek reveal has been revealed; December’s box will include a zen garden - I can’t wait to see what else is included.

Zen Garden which will be included in December’s Astral box. Image via  astral collective’s facebook page

Zen Garden which will be included in December’s Astral box. Image via astral collective’s facebook page