My Year of Self Discovery


Welcome to My Year of Self Discovery! I'm going, to be honest; while I have ideas about what I want to post/this blog to look like, I have no idea where to start. 

I suppose a good place would be by sharing my goals for 2018 with you, as I feel that my goals were what kicked my journey of self discovery off, so here we go... 

2018 GOALS

  1. Continue my health journey - last year, I was probably the heaviest, and most unfit I had been. It was definitely a much needed kick in the ass for me to get serious about focusing on my health. That has meant exercising, and eating better. Focusing on my health is definitely something I want to carry through to 2018. 

  2. SELF LOVE - I feel this ties into the first goal; I can be very hard and down on myself. Whether it's things about myself I don't like, things not going right, or if I'm just feeling a bit shit; I can be incredibly harsh on myself. I wanted this year to be about self love, to cut myself some slack, and to be kinder to myself.

  3. Stress less - This also ties into health and self love; I as my doctor so aptly put it, am a 'stress bunny'. I get stressed and really anxious over really small things (I don't really worry about big things at all). I don't know what it is, but for some reason, the smaller and more insignificant a problem the more stressed out I become. I think seeing the doctor made me realise just how much stress and anxiety control my life, and I really need to relax a hell of a lot more. So far, I've found yoga and meditation really help, but I feel I need to put other practical steps into place to deal with my anxiety.

  4. Create MORE - I have felt really stuck creatively recently. I haven't drawn or painted much; I don't how where to start, and I think everything I do sucks. I really just need to push through those feelings and make something.

  5. Read more - As a child, I used to be such an avid reader (I would read anything, and everything). I can't do that anymore, the thing is, I have a really short attention span, and if a book doesn't grab my attention in the first sentence, I probably won't read it. I really want to get back into reading, and have some books on my kindle that have been there for almost five years...

  6. Drink more water - I don't drink much of anything at all. Seriously, two cups of tea is not enough liquid for anyone to consume. To be honest, I'm surprised that my kidneys aren't shot to shit. I don't know what it is, but I'm hardly ever thirsty, and because I don't drink anything until someone offers me a drink, but aside from that I won't really drink anything. Seriously though, I need to drink more.

Those were the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, I'm going pretty well with them, and will post an update at the end of the year. I really feel that these goals kicked off my self discovery journey (even if I wasn't consciously thinking about them when I started), and can't wait to start posting more and sharing my journey with you.