What do I Need More of In My Life


Today's is Day 2 of 30 Questions For Self Discovery (a huge thank you to Aileen Xu of Lavendaire for this post on journalling ideas + prompts, which is where I got these questions from).

Today's prompt was what do I need more of in my life; I feel this post really ties into the response I had for how do I feel at this moment? 

What I need more of in my life, right now, is moments, not things

A life filled with joy and filled with real
Real breath
Real touch
Real Sex
Real love

I need to be more mindful, and present. I need to focus on moments, memories and experiences. 

I listen to songs about filling myself real, making memories, experiencing life, being one with myself and the world, and it resonates. But then, I get caught up by everything going on around me.