What Do I Love About Myself?

Today is day 11 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'What do I love about myself'


I remember as a teenager saying"I love myself! I just don't like myself very much!" 
Teenage was self-conscious, incredibly awkward and felt really misunderstood (I'm still awkward, but I've realised the awkward isn't going away; I should just embrace it.

It's taken years, but I think I've come to a place where I both like and love myself. 

  • I love that I am strong
  • I love that I am resilient
  • I love how determined I am 
  • I love that I am awkward and dorky (I hate the term adorkable)
  • I love my weird sense of humor
  • I love that I have never really sight of who I am (even when I have lost sight of my path, I have always known who I was deep down)
  • I love my style
  • I love my mind
  • I love that I am creative
  • I love that I am kind
  • I love that I can and am willing to learn from my mistakes
  • I love my love for the weird and macabre 

I am an oddball, I am awkward, I am a mess at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I just wish teenage me knew how fucking awesome she was.