My Waste Free Essentials

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I've had a pretty full on last couple of days, so this post is a bit later than it would normally be, but it's something I've wanted to share for a while.

As you will know, sustainability is something that has been very important to me lately. I want to be as sustainable and waste-free as possible; I live in an apartment and have dietary requirements which can make being completely waste-free a bit tricky. Having said that, I have made a few changes in my day to day life, wanted to share some waste-free swaps I've made. 

waste free

My Waste Free Essentials

  1. Reusable shopping bags and produce bags - We take our reusable bags with us whenever we go shopping. Remembering them hasn't always been easy, so we now keep them by the door and make sure there are always a couple in the car.

  2. A reusable coffee cup - I got my cup from a place called The Design Store in Auckland. I bought it because I liked the pattern, and it was cheaper than a Keep Cup. Remembering to bring my cup with me hasn't always been easy; if I forget it, I have been bringing my disposable cups home, so I can use them to sprout seedlings.

  3. A reusable drinking bottle - I LOVE my Oasis bottle (it's one of those bottles that keep cold drinks cold for 24hrs and hot drinks hot for 12 hours). One of my goals this year was to drink more water, so I try to make sure I bring this with me wherever I go.

  4. Metal straws - I use my straws all the time; I even took one with me when I was in the hospital so I wasn't using the plastic ones that were provided (no hate or shame towards anyone who needs to use plastic straws due to illness or disability).

  5. Jars and various containers for buying goods in bulk - we buy a lot of our dried food from a place called Goodfor; you get the containers are pre-weighed before you fill them and the weight of the jar is subtracted at check out. I also use the jars for things like curds and jams.

  6. Reusable cotton pads - I used to use a lot of disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads and wanted to switch to something more eco-friendly. I now make sure to wash my face properly with a face cloth (even if I'm feeling lazy, which was when I would use the makeup wipes) and bought some reusable cotton rounds.

  7. An eco-friendly toothbrush - I tried so hard to make bamboo toothbrushes worked, but found the bristles were way too hard for me. I ended up buying some Grin toothbrushes while at the Go Green Expo in April and absolutely fell in love with time (I bought two, so I'd have my replacement ready); their bristles are super soft and biodegradable, and their handle is made mainly of corn starch and is also biodegradable.