Where Would I Want To Live My Ideal Life?

Today is day 26 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'where would I want to live my ideal life'


My brain was way ahead of me, or the questions at least; I have been writing about where I want to since my first 30 questions for self discovery post. In case you missed it, I want to live rurally.  

My ideal home would be in a rural town, on a lifestyle block with some paddocks to raise animals and space to grow my own vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. 

In this space, I could be as sustainable as possible and live off the land as much as I could. I wrote the following about my dream home in my vivid vision for the year (my vivid vision looks at where I want to be three years from now and is something Aileen of Lavendaire talked about in the vivid visions video, which was part of her Dream Life Series):

I live in a rural town, in a four-bedroom house, that has two bathrooms (with baths), a few paddocks to raise animals and space to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. I use these flowers and herbs to make natural remedies, household products and skincare that I use on my family. 
Our living space is bright and vibrant. It is tidy and is only filled with the things we love. The living space brings us a lot of joy. I love being at home and can easily relax if I have had a bad day. 

I really need a break from the city and want to live a simpler life.