Weekly Gratitude List

weekly gratitude list

It's Monday, which means it's time for another weekly gratitude list

Here is what I've been grateful for lately: 

  • I got more yarn, so I can continue knitting (if you couldn't tell by the number of times I've mentioned knitting here, I recently started knitting, and love it, a lot). 
  • I am able to keep warm in winter months. 
  • Reality checks. This reality check  kind of sucked, but it did remind me of the things I want to project and what is important to me (I'm realising things don't have to be awesome for me to be grateful)
  • I am starting to feel more confident as a tarot reader 
  • Lots of cups of tea when I'm sick I have had a pretty shitty cold, itself has sucked, but the cups of tea have been awesome) 

Being sick aside, this week has been filled with lots of things to be grateful for, and I am lookn forward to the week ahead.