Where Would I Like To Travel In The Next Five Years

Today is day 27 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'where would I like to travel in the next five years'


I have a serious case of wanderlust; I want to travel, to see the world, to experience different cultures and ways of living life. At the moment, the places on the top of my list are: 

  • Canada - I have been to Canada twice now, and really want to go back; I love Canada/ 
  • Australia - we have friends in Sydney, and it would be great to visit them. 
  • Samoa - I am part Samoan, and feel that it is important to visit (I also have family living there that I haven't seen in a while, and it would be great to see them again). 
  • England - my husband is originally from England, and it would be great to see where he was born, and where he grew up. 
  • The USA - I have friends who I have known online for years, but have never met, and I have always wanted to go to Disneyland
  • Ecuador - I have a family friend living in Ecuador, and it would be great to catch up. 

Until recently, I had wanted to travel The Maldives, I'm not sure I actually want to travel to the Maldives or I just saw a youtube video and thought I was missing out on something. I would like to stay somewhere with an over the water villa, but I think there are places that are closer and don't cost an arm and a leg to get to.