When Have I Done Something I Thought I Couldn't Do?

Today is day 29 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'when have I don something I thought I couldn't do'


ALL THE TIME. I straight up have the worst case of Imposter Syndrom; I'm am always low key scared things are turning to shit, I'm in trouble, or that I'm not doing a terrible job. 

One case, in particular, was when I was working in a fixed term role, the time came for me to apply permanently; I was convinced I was doing a shitty job, and there was no way I would get hired. I put off applying for the role and didn't send my application in until the last minute (I sent my CV in on the day applications closed). 

I was surprised when I got an interview and even more surprised when I was offered the job. Even though I had been in that role for six months, was told I was doing well and was told to send an application in, I thought someone better, or more qualified was going to apply. 

There are many other instances like this, times where I felt I was terrible at something, was scared of failing and felt like throwing up because I scared everything was turning to shit. 

The thing that stops me from giving in to my fear and an overwhelming feeling of fear dread is my  'just do it' attitude. I know deep down, that the worse case scenario is never as bad as I think it will be, and if I don't do things that scare me, I'll never get anywhere.