Full Moon - Cleansing Crystals & Making Crystal Infused Moon Water


I mentioned yesterday that we full moon is coming up; so today I wanted to share how I cleanse my crystals, and make crystal infused moon water during a full moon. .  

Cleansing Crystals 

I've been cleansing my crystals during a full moon for a few months, and it's really easy. Just after sunset, I put all my crystals into a large bowl and set that on a windowsill; I leave the bowl there until the sun is up the following morning (I like to charge the crystals a bit under the sun before I use them again). 

If you're able to leave your crystals outside overnight do that, rather than on a windowsill; leaving them outside isn't an option for us as we live in an apartment. 


Crystal Infused Moon Water

Another thing I have been doing lately has been making moon water. Moon water is water that has been infused with the energies of the moon. Moon water can be made any time during the moon's cycle, but it is more commonly made during the full moon; this water can be used during ceremonies, and in spells and potions. 

I like to make crystal infused moon water; to do this, I fill a large jar with water, drop my crystal in and then seal the lid tightly. I then place the jar on a windowsill and leave it there until the morning. 

A crystal water I have been loving lately is rose quartz infused water; I have been using this to wash my face, as it is said that washing the face in water charged with rose quartz can help reduce wrinkles and keep the skin looking young.