Weekly Gratitude List


It's Monday, which means it's time for another Weekly Gratitude List. I have to admit, this past week pretty shitty; shark week started, I was drained, tired and sick, and at times everything seemed to be going wrong. Having said that, there were parts of the week that were awesome. and today I am sharing the things I was grateful for.  

  • I finished my third (YES THIRD) scarf. 
  • I got more yarn. Not gonna lie, this has been the most exciting part of my week for the past month and a bit. 
  • While t the craft store, I also picked up some watercolours and paper, so I can get back into painting.
  • I am able to keep warm and have shelter during the winter months. 
  • My husband made me a shawl (he has been crocheting; I tried, but suck at it and didn't want the hooks to go to waste). 
  • I have a loving and supportive husband, who accepts me as I am (I was an emotional, hormonal wreck last week). 
  • Many cups of tea when I feel like shit. 
  • Meditation; I have started doing daily meditation; it's been great. 
  • My evening shower ritual. I turn out the lights, turn on the extraction fan, and light candles; it's a fantastic way to unwind when you don't have a bath. 

So many things I am grateful for; I mentioned this last week, and it's still very true today - being sad doesn't mean there isn't anything to be grateful for; even if it's something small.