What I Need To Remember When I'm Feeling Down & Out


I want to be open and honest about how I'm feeling, and where I'm at. With that in mind, a few days ago I was the lowest I have felt in a while. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting my period again after four years sans menses, or because I'm on the Mirena (or both?). Whatever it is, I was feeling miserable and I couldn't shake the feeling that everything sucked. When I feel like this, I need to remind myself that days like this happen, and what matters is how I react. 

I can decide to:

  • Continue to wallow and feel miserable. 
  • See everything that goes wrong as the universe's way of telling me that everything sucks (myself included; today is obviously karmic punishment for me being a shitty person, I wouldn't be in such a foul mood otherwise).
  • Get annoyed at everything.

or I can choose to:

  • Show myself kindness; things aren't going wrong because I'm a terrible person, maybe I just need a break. 
  • Remind myself that everyone has their off days. 
  • Focus on the things that are going right; this is part of the reason I practice gratitude regularly

I know the direction I want my life to go and the path I want to take. Honestly though, sometimes it's fucking hard. I want to be happy, to find joy, and to be a beacon of light to those around me; I need to remember that I can't do and be everything good all the time, no one can. I am not a fraud because I have my off days, and that's okay/