New Moon Intention Setting


It's going to be a new moon in a few days, so I thought I'd share an intention setting ritual I have been doing over the past few months. 

For this ritual, you will need

  • A pen
  • Some paper
  • A white, blue or green candle (optional)
  • A fireproof container and matches


  • On the paper, write a list of all your wishes, dreams and intentions. (I like to start my list off with "dear universe", you can do this too, but you don't have to). 
  • Read your list aloud (you can do this outside, or by candlelight).
  • Give thanks to the universe/Gods/Goddesses/whiever deities you worship for hearing your truth. 
  • Read your list as often as you can until the full moon. To release the energy of your intentions, set your list on fire and throw it in the heatproof container trusting your dreams will come into your life (I can't burn anything in my apartment, so I bury my list in the garden; I feel this is a great way of releasing my intentions back out into the world and letting them grow, iiterally). 

* The reason I chose the candles I did for this ritual is due of their meanings in candle magic. White candles can be used as a substitute for any other colour, but they are also connected to the higher self; green can be used for personal goals, and blue can be used for intution.