New Moon Manifestation Spread (July - August 2018)

New Moon Manifestation

I have really been into tarot recently A few years ago I bought a mini tarot deck; I would pull a card each day, without thinking too much about the deeper meaning of the card, and write down the meanings I found online word for word in my journal.

Lately, with my readings, I have been taking the time to think about the keywords associated with the cards as well as looking at the pictures and working out what the cards could te telling me. 

While searching online for Tarot resources, I came across Biddy Tarot, and found Brigit's New Moon Manifestation Spread, The idea of doing a monthly manifestation spread really resonated for me. Yesterday was a new moon, and so I busted out my cards, thought about my blog, the goals I had set at the beginning of the year, and my self discovery journey. 

I wanted to share my reading here on the blog and am thinking of making this a regular feature - let me know what you think. 

New Moon Manifestation

What have I released (Page of Cups/Upright)

The idea my work has to look a certain way for me to be considered a creator/that my work isn't good enough. 

Where am I now (9 or words//upright)

Anxious about putting myself out there creatively and spiritually; I am afraid of being judged by others, I am worried about what will people think and if I will be accepted. At the same time, I am unable to hide my true self any longer. 

What's emerging within me? (Hanging Man//Reversed)

This burning desire to flip everything around. I have a clear sense of self and direction and am unable to hold that back any longer, I am ready to let my light shine. 

Where do I wish to grow? (Knight of Swords//Reversed)

I need to work on the way I react to things, especially when things don't go my way. I also need to stop comparing myself to others and letting jealousy get the better of me and instead celebrate the successes of others. 

Where can I bring my goals to fruition (The Empress//Reversed)

By working on the things that are holding back and overcoming fears that prevent me from putting myself out there so I am able to step into the badass Goddess I am.

What additional resources are available to me as I manifest my goals (Tempereance//Upright) 

Things that help me find my purpose (resources like Aileen Xu of Lavendaire's Dream Life Series and 30 questions for self discovery prompts). Fostering relationships with other like-minded badass babes so we can share our knowledge, build each other up, and continue to grow and fill each other's cups on the daily. 

My takeaway

The message I get for this month is that I need to create and put myself out there more. I need to stop letting fear hold me back. I need to work on my, at times, negative as fuck attitude and stop comparing myself to others. I need to foster and build relationships with other like-minded badass babes and not let jealousy get in the way of what could be awesome friendships.