Full Moon Release Ritual


It's going to be a full moon in a a couple of days. I'm pretty excited about the coming full moon, not only is it a great time for release, but this full moon will be the longest lunar eclipse to happen this century. In some modern magical traditions, a lunar eclipse is considered a a powerful time to do any magic as during this period any spell work done is amplified and has a bit of extra power behind it.

Because the full moon is such a great time for release, today I wanted to share a release ritual I have been doing over the past couple of months with you. 

What you will need

  • A pen 
  • A piece of aper
  • A white or black candle (optional)*
  • A match or lighter and a fire proof container


  • On the piece of paper, write down all the things you would like to release from your life (negativity, emotions, pain, relationships habits, be as specific as you can). 
  • Read your list aloud, either outside under the moon or inside by candlelight. 
  • Thank the Universe/Gods/Goddesses for hearing your truth
  • Burn your list, placing it into the heat proof container, letting go of all you no longer wish to hold on to. If like me, you're unable to burn things in your home, you can do what I do and bury your list in a plant pot. 

While I love doing full moon release rituals, you don't need to do a full on ritual; sometimes if I'm not really feeling it I'll light a candle and say a full moon invocation instead. 

* chose the candles I did for this ritual is due to their meanings in candle magick. White candles can be a substitute for any colour, while black represents protection, release, and the basnishing of negativity.