What Does My Ideal Morning Look Like?

Today is day 17 0f 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'what does my ideal morning look like'


I have been waking up with really bad headaches lately, so headache free would be a start. Ideally, I would wake up early - around 5:30- 6:30 AM. I would then begin my morning ritual & routine. 

My morning ritual is the following: 

  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Write in my gratitude journal (I like to list three things I'm grateful for when I wake up)
  • Write an affirmation for the day
  • Free write in my journal for 10 - 30 minutes

The rest of my morning routine is as follows: 

  • Have a snack
  • Get some yoga in (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube is fantastic; I love her videos)
  • Have breakfast
  • Shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, skincare routine (wash face, tone, serum, moisturise)
  • Mediate (I don't don't really mediate at the moment, but this is my ideal day, so meditate is here) 
  • Get some work done on my blog

Basically, my ideal morning is one where I wake up early, feel productive (I have exercised, written, mediated, worked on my blog) and can start the day feeling great 

I just realised that I didn't mention sleeping in, or getting brunch. WHO AM I?!? I also want to get up early on the weekend; my ideal weekend morning is probably not as full on as I want my weekdays to be (no yoga, shorter skincare routine) but only because I want to be able to be out the door earlier and at the fruit and vegetable market before 9:00. Again, WHO AM 1?!

*Photo by Picjumbo