What Does My Ideal Day Look Like?

Today is day 18 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'what does my ideal day look like'


To be honest, I have no idea; When I was younger, my ideal day was a  summer day spent at the beach or the river (either reading, swimming or eating). truth is, I can't stand the heat and sunburn easily (I'm brown; the irony). 

I also don't really like the cold, well not when it's the type of cold that chills your bones because it's windy as hell, and the rain is blowing sideways. 

I guess in terms of weather, my ideal day would be cold and gloomy, I'd wake up and begin my morning routine (I would also wake up to an already tidy room). I would be rugged up in layers, there would be a fire going and I would spend the day relaxing. To help me relax, my day would involve no phone or internet or a few hours. I would read, knit, drink copious amounts of tea and take time out for myself to recharge. The day would end with a hearty dinner (maybe a stew, or a soup) and then I would have a hot bath before meditating and starting my evening routine. 

I realised I actually have a pretty good idea of what I want it to look like. The things I can't do are have a bath (we don't have a bath) or light a fire (apartment; fire alarms hooked up to the fire department, and a hefty fine for a false alarm/callout). What I can do is make time to unwind/relax and focus on self care, I just need to prioritise it/turn my phone off. 

*Photo by Picjumbo