What Makes Me Feel Alive? When Was The Last Time I Felt Truly Alive?

Today is day 19 of 30 questions for self discovery; the prompt for today was 'what makes me feel alive/when was the last time I felt truly alive'


The last time I felt truly last time I felt truly alive would have been when I had the idea for this blog. I was writing in my journal, and listening to a Chase Jarvis podcast (embracing your messy beautiful life with Glennon Doyle), when I realised that I needed to make writing a daily habit. 

It was when I had  that I envisioned this blog, its name, and the types of posts I wanted to write and share ((I quickly checked to see if the domain was registered; to my surprise it wasn't). I have had many blogs.websites over the years, but none have made me feel as alive as this one. I think that's because this blog was one that started in my heart). 

I felt alive when I started thinking of spirituality and what that looks like for me. I knew what path I wanted to take, and where my heart was taking but was scared of being judged/what other people would think of me, The calling ended up being stronger than my fear.

I also felt alive when doing Astral Collective's plant magic course. This was where I learned about various plants. their spiritual uses, magical properties, and their physical and medicinal uses. 

I guess now that I've written all of that, it isn't so much excitement that makes me feel alive, it's a rush when I get that I know I'm traveling the right path. When I'm atuned to what my purpose is, and I'm activively living it. 

* Photo by Rawpixel