Taking Time To Reset


We all need mental health days; time out to unwind, relax and reset. The other day, I woke up exhausted and drained. Honestly, I didn't want to get out of bed.

Not wanting to get up made me realise when I'm exhausted I do one of two things when I feel like this; I either give in and stay in bed, which makes me feel miserable, or I go overboard with the self care and try to cram as many feel-good things into my day up feeling worse than I did, to begin with. I think the reason I go overboard with self-care is that I focus too much on what I think I have to do in order to unwind, rather than listening to what I actually need.

So, the other day, I did just that; I listened to what my heart was telling me I needed. Here's what a day of looking after myself looked like: 

  • I turned my phone off; I am far too attached to my phone and spend way too much time playing games and on social media. 
  • I meditated; I have started meditating daily. So far, I love it, it has helped me stay mindful, and present, which I guess is the point. 
  • I used a face mask; my skin has been terrible lately; it definitely needed some extra love and care. 
  • I lit some white sage incense and took the stick around the apartment, ridding it of negative vibes. 
  • I painted; I bought some watercolours to help get back into painting. it was really relaxing. 
  • I blogged; yesterday's post was about what I need to remember when I'm down & out, I felt really good after writing it.  
  • I knitted; I have mentioned this many times in my weekly gratitude posts, but I will say it again, I really enjoy knitting. 
  • I cooked a healthy a dinner; I also made sure I had a nutritious breakfast and lunch. 
  • I drank shit tonnes of water. 

My day may sound stressful to some, but self care isn't the same for everyone. Unwinding and resetting aren't about cramming as many 'treat yo'self' activities into a day; they're about focusing on what the soul needs, and that is different for everyone.  

* Photo from Create Her Stock