Making A 'Non-Negotiable' List - Self Care When I'm Depressed

non-negotiable list

Yesterday I talked about being depressed; in that post, I made a list of small things I can do to help get through the slump I'm in.

Something I mentioned was a 'non-negotiable' list. To me, a non-negotiable list is a list of small/manageable things I have to do during the day - no matter how I feel.

While working on the list, I thought about what the areas in my life I am currently neglecting and what needed to be done around the house.

I did that by asking myself the following questions: 

  • How are my relationships with my family and friends - do I need to reach out to anyone? 
  • What chores have I been neglecting? 
  • Where can I show myself love?

Here is today's list:

  • Have a decent breakfast - no, a mandarin and a cup of coffee is not a decent breakfast.
  • Have a shower and wash my hair - my hair is a fucking bird's nest at the moment, I also need to brush it. 
  • Call my sister - I forgot about our fortnightly phone all yesterday, and it will be good to chat to someone. 
  • Reply to text messages - I have some messages I need to respond to, part of me is scared my friends won't like me because it's been so long, but I feel not replying would be worse (also, I think they'd appreciate the honesty if I say 'sorry it's been so long, I haven't been in the best headspace lately'). 
  • Meditate - I haven't meditated for about three days. 
  • Do some yoga - even if it's just a short routine; It's been a while since I exercised. Honestly, I don't feel like showing up to my mat, but I'll probably feel better afterward. 

I've done a few things on the list already; I don't feel fantastic, but I feel the better than I have in weeks and that's a start.