February Astral Box - Sacral Chakra


It's been a while since my last Astral Box review; I've had a couple of boxes delivered since then, but was busy with moving and setting up our new place that it slipped my mind. Now we’re settled in I'm going to start doing regular Astral Box posts again and today I'm sharing February's box with you (this box was based on the sacral chakra).

A bit about the sacral chakra - The Sacral Chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana is the home of creativity. An aligned sacral chakra reveals itself in healthy sexual experiences that honour joy and pleasure and spill into all areas of life; when balanced flow manifests itself in happy relationships and creative projects. Alignment of the sacral chakra generates passion and brings empathy, energy, and emotional stability; if a sacra; chakra os out of balance it can lead to emotional dependence, a lack of self-worth, violent outbursts, shyness, as well as sexual guilt.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s what we received in this mont’s box


Stones - Peach aventurine and Carnelian

in this box, we received two crystals, peach aventurine (this was engraved with the sacral chakra symbol), and carnelian.

Peach adventure - This crystal belongs to the quartz family and gets its name from its peachy colour. It's properties are best felt when seeking quiet, centering energies and is an excellent stone to hold during meditation. This stone is fantastic if you are a typically shy or anxious person, as it can relieve stress and anxiety, it also allows us to be more tolerant of others, and as such it can provide a subtle boost to one's potential for leadership.

Carnelian - this stone was a small gift from the team at Astral Collective. This stone is about creativity, confidence, and passion, and is known to connect the lower chakras with its fiery warmth.


Sacral Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet is18k gold plated and has the sacral chakra symbol in the middle; we also received a similar bracelet in January's root chakra box.

I have to admit that I'm not a huge gold fan; I much prefer silver, so I was a bit apprehensive about receiving the first bracelet in the root chakra box. Having said that I love these bracelets, I wear mine quite a bit as I see them as an excellent visual reminder of the chakras they're associated with (I think it's because they're so delicate/dainty, who knows).


Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Blend & Essential Oil Gem Roller

Sacral Chakra Flower Blend - I like to think of this as 'rescue remedy for the soul'; these flower remedies are taken internally and are made up of an infusion of flowers leaving behind the healing and calming energies of the flowers used (they are not essential oils).

The flowers contained in this blend are:

  • Pine - guilt can be a huge cause of an unbalanced sacral chakra. Pine is used to release guilt and to make room forgiveness.

  • Cherry Plum -this brings about calmness and emotional balance when we need to calm our mind and find harmony.

  • Chicory - this is provided to help us nourish our mind, body, and soul and to bring on feelings of self-love when we give too much of ourselves in relationships and feel we are not getting the love we need in return.

  • Oak - this creates space for play and brings balance when we feel overworked, overwhelmed, and as if there is too much work to do and not enough time for life's pleasures.

  • agrimony - this is used to encourage healthier ways of dealing with our emotions and it enables us to be okay with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that may be under the surface.

  • Wildrose - this enables us to make room for desire, passion, and fulfillment in our lives and allows us to tap into our intuition. This flower also enables us to let go of past pain.

I love this blend, we also received one in Jan's root chakra box and I keep them by the door so I can throw them in my bag when I'm going out and feel I might need some grounding or calming energies. I also like to have them on hand when meditating or doing yoga.

Essential Oi Gem Roller - Essential Oil Gem Roller - the gem roller contains sweet orange oil, almond oil and pieces of yellow jade. Sweet orange oil is said to work as an antidepressant due to it's uplifting, bright scent, while yellow jade brings energies of self-confidence and abundance.

I love this oil, but because citrus oils can cause a phototoxic reaction, it's unlikely I'll use this blend directly on any part of my body that could be exposed to direct sunlight (I would note that it’s unlikely orange oil will cause a phototoxic reaction, but I want to be safe). I have been making a natural deodorant, so what I may do instead is put the oil and gems into the next time I make a batch (I will definitely be sharing a recipe).


Ganesha Statute - this statue comes courtesy of the sattva collection. Ganesha is the son of Shiva and the ruler of the sacral chakra. Ganesh is known to be the remover of obstacles through the wisdom obtained during meditation, he represents joy, creativity, expansion and the sweetness of life.

The statue of Ganesha is my favorite part of this month's box; it brings me a lot of joy, and I want to have it with me whenever I am.

I love everything we received in this month's box and can't wait until March's box is released; the theme for the March box will be the heart chakra and I am excited to see what will be in it.