Travelling Internationally - Carry On Only

carry on

My husband and I are going to Australia for a friend's wedding; we'll be away for just under a week, and while I tend to pack light, I'm doing something different this time around. This trip, I’ll be travelling with just the bag on my back; I mean it, I don’t plan on taking the one personal item (a handbag) most airlines allow either.

This is despite us being allowed two checked bags on our flights there and back. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons, firstly I don’t want to haul a huge bag around Sydney (we’re staying in an AirBnB and get there 5 hours before check in, and leave 8 hours after check out), and secondly I want to see if I can travel with less while minimising the amount of waste I create at the same time (I also figure that if I take a small bag with me, I won’t be tempted to buy much while we’re overseas).

I think the fact we’re staying in an AirBnb this time around will make travelling with just carry on easier than it would be otherwise, as the place we’re staying has a washer and dryer, which means I don’t need to pack 6 days worth of clothes.

Today, I’m going to be sharing what I’ll be taking with me on this trip.

carry on

The Bag

I bought this Incase EO Travel Backpack before our trip to Canada/the Caribbean last year after the carry on bag I had thrashed the crap out of finally broke. I chose this bag in particular because it has compartments for fiddly items such as pens and charger cables, pockets for an Ipad and a laptop, as well as an extendable main compartment ideal for slightly longer trips.

carry on only travel


Containers for liquids allowed on carry on (excluding medication and milk for infants - at least on Air New Zealand) cannot exceed 100ml; containers also need to be in a clear sealable bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm. Keeping within this allowance during our trip is going to ne difficult as I love buying and trying all kinds of beauty products, but I’m determined to do it. It also means I won’t be able to buy the skincare and makeup I see why I’m over there (physical Sephora stores), but that’s probably a good thing.


  • Body wash - decanted into a travel container.

  • Daily vitamin C serum

  • Essano Superfoods night cream

  • Natural deodorant I made (I’ll have a recipe up on the blog when i make my next batch)


  • Benefit check and lip stain in rose

  • Amber crystal liquid highlighter

  • Australis eyeliner

  • Spirit Element roller ball perfumes x 2

carry on only travel

Non-liquid Toiletries

  • Nature Body toothpaste powder

  • Dr Gooder dental floss

  • Lip balm and lipstick

  • Crocheted face scrubbier x 2

  • Ear plugs (disposable, because I can’t find my fancy ones)

  • Pantie liners, just in case (I’ve had them for years, and don’t want to throw them out as they haven’t been used}

carry on


  • Tranexamic Acid and Buscopan - incase I get my period while we’re away

  • asthma inhaler and spacer

carry on travel

Reusable Items

  • Coffee cup

  • Drink Bottle

  • Metal Straws + cleaner

  • small x foldable bags for groceries x 2

carry on


  • Phone

  • iPad

  • Headphones

  • Watch

  • portable chargers

  • Charger cables

Carry on


  • Comfy clothes for our flight (a pair of pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie in case the flight is a bit chilly)

  • undies x 4

  • bras x 2

  • socks x 4

  • tights x 1

  • t-shirts x 2

  • cardigan x 1

  • skirt x 1

  • dress x 1

  • PJs x 1

  • raincoat x 1

  • shoes x 1

  • an umbrella - maybe. It’s meant to be raining the entire time we’re away.

to be honest, I’m not sure how travelling with carry on only is going to go, but I’ll write a blog post about about the pros and cons, and my general experience about travelling without checked luggage when we get home.